Craftbot 3D Printer

Craftbot XL 3D Printer

CraftBot offer the complete package: just load your model into CraftWare, slice and print. The CraftBot 3D printer sets the industrial standard for quality and performance and at this price, it’s an offer that you cannot refuse. No assembly required: CraftBot works right out of the box.

CraftBot 2 3D Printer

CraftBot 2 was designed with the aim to further enhance connectivity and freedom of use. It has incorporated all the consumer and professional feedback gained from CrafBot Plus. CraftBot 2 has a more durable cable structure and wireless connectivity. CraftBot 2 is an easy to use, plug-and-play device – you can get from unpacking to printing your first 3D object even in minutes.

CraftBot 3 3D Printer

CraftBot 3, the first CraftBot 3D printer with Filament Monitoring System designed for everyone who wants to avoid wasted time and money. The two separated printer heads make it possible to print two objects at a time, as well as water soluble filament printing that makes printing object supports an easy task as you can simply dissolve the support in water after printing is finished.

CraftBot XL 3D Printer

CraftBot XL 3D desktop printer was designed and built as the ultimate tool for engineers and all makers who can benefit from an outstanding build volume. CraftBot XL 3D’s designers enlarged the build plate, increased its heating capacity and improved bearings to achieve a more silent and more precise operation.